Pierced ears and other forms of body piercing are very much in fashion. Feeling attractive and positive about your body plays a big role nowadays. A good-looking appearance and health go hand-in-hand. Bacterial infections of or allergic reactions to piercings can be very unpleasant. To avoid these, we recommend the following product. This medically tested cosmetic product was developed by the pharmacist Rolf Landmann. It helps prevent infections of newly pierced holes and is used in the treatment of existing infections. OR was developed especially for the treatment of pierced holes. To prevent an unpleasant burning sensation, OR contains no alcohol. Instead, it contains chlorhexidingluconat, which acts as a disinfectant and prevents bacterial growth. Dexapanthenol aids in the healing process and reduces chances of infection. Thanks to glycerine, the solution stays on and penetrates the skin to be treated, allowing the ingredients to take effect. OR's pleasant smell comes from spiritus lavandulae, which also has disinfectant properties, as does brillantkresylblau. The extraordinary effect of OR is due to its harmonious balance between disinfectant and healing ingredients.

Ohrloch- & Piercing KosmetikumOR
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